Attention Parents/Guardians,

    All of the K-5 elementary schools in our district will be using KIDaccount to ensure the utmost safety of all students during dismissal. KIDaccount provides daily, 100% accountability down to the last student. Student accountability is EVERY STUDENT, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.  Using this system will allow us to ensure the safe dismissal of each and every child in our care.

    Switching to this system means there will be changes in how we do dismissal.

    Dismissal Options: 

    Car Riders (Grown-ups who have a KIDaccount Card drive through the pick-up line to pick up the student.)

    Bus Riders (SAC, ClubTiger, CDC) (School personnel check these students onto the bus.)

    Parent Walk-Up (Grown-ups who have a KIDaccount Card walk to the walk-up pick-up location, present the card to pick up the student.)

    Walkers (Students in grades 3, 4, or 5 who have a signed permission form from a parent/guardian.)

    We want to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we transition to this new and safer process.



    Mrs. Naomi Austin




    Parents are not allowed to drive in the back parking lot (teacher and bus lot).

    Our goal is to ensure the safety of your child. We really appreciate your support, as we work together ensures safety for all students.

    You can drive through the loop at the front door. It needs to be a continuous flow of traffic so that all students can get in quickly and safely and get to their destination. Please watch for the crossing guards we have in place and heed their instructions. If your child needs a little more love in the mornings, assistance getting themselves out of the vehicle, or getting their things ready, please park in a parking spot across the street and help your child there. We have a crossing guard in place at the crosswalk to help ensure your child crosses safely.

    Please do not stop in the street (Young Street) to load/unload your student from your car.

    Also, adults standing close to the front doors or engaging teachers in conversations during drop-off/release times hinder teachers from supervision duties to ensure students' safety.