• Guidance & Counseling Services

    • Disseminates information about WCC and its programs through presentations, tours, videos, course description booklets, and classroom activities.
    • Administers assessments and discusses results individually to help students make better career decisions.
    • Uses individual or group counseling sessions to help students with career planning, academic problems, college or tech school enrollment, military enlistment and job placement after graduation.
    • Works with area sending high school counselors and administrators to coordinate the educational progress of each student.
    • Assists WCC instructors with classroom career awareness activities and job preparation training exercises.
    • Keeps list of community and regional resources available for various needs of student population and parents.
    • Provides career information, occupational trends and salary information to students exploring their futures.
    • Assists students with job-search skills such as completing an application, developing a resume and surviving the job interview.
    • Assists students with the enrollment process for Duel Credit and Articulation.
    • Work Internship Program Coordinator for 4th Semester Seniors. 
    • Coordinates the Graduate Follow-up report for students after graduation. 

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