Students will be evaluated on written tests, computer-based training scores, lab assignments, notebook/workbook completion, and Work Ethics in class.  Work Ethics are necessary for successful completion of the course.  A part of the program’s goals are to prepare the students for an entry-level career in the Welding Industry.  Just like a real job, attendance is an extremely important part of the student’s grade.  The student’s final grade is calculated on a weighted basis.  All students (regardless of whether they are Year 1 or 2) are required to take an AWS End-of-course test. The score from this test will be 10% of their last semester grade. Students passing this test will receive an AWS Student Certification certificate. In addition, a written final will be given at the end of every semester.







    Grading Scale

    All class work has a bearing on student grades.  The grading scale is as follows:

    A= 90-100%

    B= 80- 89%

    C= 70-79%

    F= 0- 59%

    Late and/or Missing Work Policy:

    Make-up work (for excused absences) - Any assignment made prior to a student’s excused absence is due on the day of their return to class. Missed tests will be made up within a week of the student’s return during a time agreed upon with the teacher. Assignments given during an excused absence are usually due one class day for every class day of absence after the student’s return. So a student missing three periods will have four class periods to submit make-up work (three periods plus the day of their initial return). Students who need more time should speak to the instructor as soon as they return from the absence.

    Make-up work (for unexcused absences) - Tests that are not taken and assignments that are not turned in because of unexcused absences will not be accepted upon the student’s return. Students will receive a zero for those assignments and/or tests.

    Late work - Students will lose 10 percent of the value of an assignment for each additional calendar day (excluding weekends) the work is late. For example an assignment that is due on a Monday that is turned in on Wednesday will be worth a maximum of 90 percent of the points possible, on Thursday that would fall to 80 percent, on Friday it would be worth a maximum of 70 percent. Work that is more than three calendar days late (excluding weekends) will not be accepted. Work or makeup tests will also not be accepted after a quarter or semester is completed. A quarter or semester is considered complete when the students have attended the final class of that grading period.