A....90 to 100%

    B....80 to 89% 

    C....70 to 79%

    D....60 to 69%

    F.....50 to 59%

    Grading will utilize a 50 40 10 scale:

    50% Performance and Written Assessments
    40% Projects, Activities and Assignments
    10% Career Readiness Skills 
    Grades will be comprised of test, class activities, homework, class participation, notebooks, and quizzes. 

    Academic assistance is available on Wednesdays until 3:30 with prior sign-up in classroom.

    CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments are due on the date indicated; any make-up work due to absences, etc. is strictly the responsibility of the student. In the event of an excused absence, the assignment deadline will be extended according to the number of corresponding absences. Example: A student is absent due to illness the day a project is due in class; the project would be due the next day the student is in class.

    Late assignments will be graded on the following scale:

    One day……..15% penalty

    Two days……25% penalty

    Three days…..50% penalty