Weekly JROTC Schedule

    Our Weekly Schedule Rhythm is as follows:  (Classes start at 0730; Wednesday is late start 0800) 
    We have 7 x approx 45 minute class periods each day.
    1. Monday: Academics/Curriculum
    2. Tuesday: Academics/Curriculum
    3. Wednesday: Uniform Day / Uniform Inspection/Additional Instruction
    4. Thursday: Academics/Project Time/Additional Instruction
    5. Friday: Physical Fitness 
    Tiger Time is between 3rd and 4th Hour, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
    Drill Team/Color Guard and Raiders generally practice Monday - Thursday after school from 2:45 - 4:30/5:00 PM (See Schedules on the www page)
    Promotion Boards are usually 4 times, after school (Wednesday - 2:45 - 4:30 PM)