• Students will be evaluated on written tests, computer-based training scores, lab assignments, notebook/workbook completion, daily participation in the class, and career readiness skills.  Daily participation is necessary for successful completion of the course.  A part of the program’s goals are to prepare the students for an entry-level career in the Automotive Industry.  Just like a real job, attendance is an extremely important part of the student’s grade.  The student’s final grade is calculated on a total point basis.  All seniors (regardless of whether they are Year 1 or 2) are required to take a series of ASE/NATEF End-of-course tests. The score from these tests will be 10% of their last semester grade. Students passing these tests will receive an ASE Student Certification certificate. In addition, a written final will be given at the end of every semester.


                                                    A = 90-100%

                                                    B = 80-89%

                                                    C = 70-79%

                                                    D = 60-69%

                                                    F = 0-59%


                                                    Grading will utilize a 50, 40, 10 scale:

                                                    50% Performance and Written Assignments       

                                                    40% Projects / Activates / Assignments

                                                    10% Career Readiness Skills