• Welcome to the Waynesville R-VI School
    District Transportation Department

    Summer School Bus Routes for June 2023

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    Members of the transportation department are one of the first district employees to see your students in the morning, and one of the last in the afternoon!

    Our department takes pride in getting your student(s) to and from school every day, in a safe efficient manner.

    • Director of Transportation, Aaron Tronstad, is the leader of our team. You can read more about him on the director’s page.
    • Mechanics: Zach Wall, head mechanic, and Payne Leuthen and John Horn, complete our amazing team of mechanics who make sure all of our buses are running properly. They proudly make sure our department receives the yearly award of “Fleet of Excellence” and have done so for the over 20 years! This award recognizes transportation departments that hold over a 90% score during their annual bus inspection.
    • Routing Specialist,  Brent Bassett, takes care of creating routes that are efficient but also keeps our students safe. He handles all of the special needs and early childhood routes within our district. She also handles of our new Traversa program, which is where our Ride 360 information feeds from!
    • Secretaries: Tina Brown and Nikki Gillis are the front faces of our transportation office. They answer the majority of our phone calls, and help keep everything running smoothly throughout the day.
    • Driver Trainer/Dispatch, Alex Dubon, is in charge of training our new drivers and molding them into the bus driver they become. He helps them learn various maneuvers and while training on various buses. When he isn’t training new drivers, he also helps dispatch in the very early morning and in the afternoon.
    • Dispatcher, Alex Dubon, is our main dispatcher opening our building up, greeting our drivers in the early mornings, checking them in and handing them their keys. He makes sure our routes are covered ensuring our students are picked up at the correct times. Often times, if you call before 7, he would be the person assisting you.
    • Drivers: We have over 50 drivers, which help complete the mission of getting the students to and from school every day. Most of our drivers are parents themselves, and take pride in their bus students. Often times, they are driving a bus with 50-70 students on board, with the mission of getting them to their destination safely. Without them our mission wouldn’t be possible.
    • Aides: We have approximately 25 bus aides that help assist bus drivers on their routes, most often they ride with our special needs and early childhood routes. Within those routes, our bus aides help buckle our students and tend to them throughout the route. Each one of these routes have individual needs that the bus aide has to pay particular attention to.


    Our department has approximately 90 routes that are run during the AM (morning) & PM (afternoon) every day. Our primary mission is to get students to and from school every day. We also recognize that we are often the first and last district employee a student may see for the day and with that we strive to make the experience to and from school a very pleasant one.