Breakfast/Lunch Prices



    All students are required to eat their lunch in the cafeteria. Students should conduct themselves in an orderly manner while standing in line. They should observe good manners and obey lunchroom regulations. Students are to remain on campus during lunchtime. Students may not leave school to eat lunch unless checked out by a parent. 


    Regular Days:

    First Lunch: 10:40-11:04

    Second Lunch: 11:04-11:28

    Third Lunch: 11:28-11:52 

    Late Start Wednesdays:

    First Lunch: 10:35-10:59

    Second Lunch: 11:04-11:28

    Third Lunch: 11:28-11:52

    Half Days:

    First Lunch: 11:00-11:17

    Second Lunch: 11:20-11:37

    Third Lunch: 11:40-12:00



    1. All students need their ID for lunch.

    2. Students will remain seated and raise hand to obtain permission to leave the table.

    3. All students will remain quiet when instructed to do so by supervisors. 

    4. Students will be released by supervisors to dump trays. 

    5. All students must enter and exit the lunchroom quietly. 

    6. Use of vending machines will be dependent upon general student behavior in the lunchroom.