• ACT Preparatory Studies

    (Grades 11-12) (1/2 unit)

    The course is designed to prepare college-bound students for the ACT test, a national test used to determine college admission and scholarship awards. In order to better prepare students for this high-stakes test, students will be evaluated on their performance of skills in the subject areas to improve scores on the ACT.

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  • Language Arts 12

    Language Arts 12 is a total language arts course which continues to survey literary genres including the novel, the short story, drama, poetry and nonfiction to give students a solid background in world literature. In this full-year course students continue to compose fully developed essays in four modes with an emphasis on proper collegiate format. Students will also develop variations on the college entrance essay and practice different aspects of professional writing by constructing cover letters, resumes, and practicing e-mail etiquette. Grammar is reviewed and applied to writing, editing, and speaking skills to aid in post-secondary environments.

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  • Mythology I

    Mythology is a one-semester literature class, providing an important background in the classical origins of Western literature and Western culture as a whole. Emphasis is on the Greek myths, but several parallels will be made with stories from other cultures. Students will see that myths are stories that every culture creates to help cope with the unanswerable questions of life and to express fundamental feelings about reality. This course may be taken in the classroom or online. Online students must have computer access to the Internet.

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Last Modified on August 18, 2021