• Grading Policy

    • 50% will consist of tests, projects, and essays.


    • 50% will consist of classwork,quizzes, exit tickets, check for understanding, and group work.


    • This ensures that a student’s grade reflects what he or she knows and can do.



    I do allow retakes for Post-Test. However, there are some rules:

    1. The student has turned in all missing assignments on the day of the retest. (teacher assigns the re-test date)

    2. Must complete test corrections and/or attend at least one academic assistance/HERO Time intervention.

    3. Students have 2 weeks after they receive their summative assessment score to retest.

    4. Required retakes for a score below 60%

    5. All retest assessments must be a different form from the original assessment.

    6. Summative projects, Lab Reports, and Essays may allow students to fix or re-do if turned in on the due date. Students who do not submit/complete a summative assignment will be required to complete it.