1. During virtual learning days, students will use their Chromebooks to connect with their teachers through Google Meet.  Google Classroom will also be a resource where students will get assignments and return them to their teacher.

      1. If you attend Mrs. Mazey's Morning Meeting, Co-Taught ELA with Mrs. Spencer, or SI Science class, and if you are trying to locate a link for Google Meet on an AMI (Snow Day at Home), go to the Home page on Google Classroom. The link to join class on AMI Day will be located on Mrs. Mazey's Google Classroom Page of Morning Meeting Titled: "AMI LINK!"
      2. Click on the link to join.
      3. If, for some reason, you are unable to attend due to technical difficulties, complete the assigned work in Google Classroom. Go to Classwork, then go to the specific date when you are at home.