• Formatives for the class are assessed at 40% of the overall grade.

    Summatives for the class are assessed at 60% of the overall grade.

    Late work must be turned in prior to a unit summative to receive points.


    Summative Retakes: 

     Students may have an opportunity to retake summative exams one time, if: 

    A. Students have turned in all assignments prior to the first summative exam, 

    B. Students have attended academic assistance such as Tiger Time, W.I.N., F.I.N.O., or

        1 on 1 with the teacher. 

    C. Students have 2 weeks after they receive their summative assessment score to retest.  

         (teacher assigns the re-test date)

    D. Summative projects, Lab Reports, and Essays may allow students to fix or re-do if turned in on the due date.  Students who do not submit/complete a summative assignment will be required to complete it.

Last Modified on October 21, 2022