• Grading Policy

    Per WHS and district policy, each semester grade will be divided into two categories, each with a specific weight. The categories will be broken down as follows:

    1. Assessments (70% total)

      1. Summative assignments will be quizzes, tests, essays, responses, projects, etc which act as a culmination of a unit or part of a unit. These are 70% of the course grade.

    2. Practice work (30% total)

      1. Formative assignments can be considered practice and are 30% of the course grade. These assignments will teach the skills required to proficiently complete Summative assignments. 

    Percent Scale

    • 90-100% A

    • 80-89% B

    • 70-79% C

    • 60-69% D

    • Below 60% F



    Writing is a process, and revision is one of the most important components of the writing process. Sometimes a revision of writing will be required.  Other times, the option of revision will be left to students. For any revision to be awarded more points, the student author must demonstrate significant and thoughtful improvement. If a revision justifies more points, those points will be added to the original score with a teacher note in the grade book.


    Late Work Policy

    All assignments are expected to be turned in promptly.  I have carefully planned out the semester, and your timeliness will offer you the best chance possible of learning the material. 


    What does on time mean?

    Submitting work for possible full credit means you must turn in your work both when and how I have specified in the assignment.  This could mean multiple requirements, such as a completed self-score sheet, hard copy submission to me personally, electronic submission via Turnitin.com, or annotations involving certain highlights, labeling, or commentary

    Even so, the work you produce is so important that even if you’re late, I want you to do it.  Therefore, missing work will be accepted with the following penalties and guidelines for all assignments:

    • 1 to 5 school days late = -10%

    • 6 or more school days late = -20%

    • Missing placeholders in the grade book will be marked as “M” (zero points).

    • No coursework will be accepted after the unit is completed.


    Late submissions still within the 6-week grading period or class unit of study will receive -10% or -20% deductions (per policy above) before the score is recorded in the grade book.


    • Turn in 1 to 5 days late; receive 10/20.

    • Turn in 6 + days late; receive 0/20.