• Meeting a community need

    The community has a need for more preschool opportunities for 4-year-olds. Williams Early Childhood Center continues to have a waiting list and Parker Preschool has a waiting list as well. Many day care facilities are full and 59% of our local military spouses say the ability to find child care and/or cost impact their ability to be employed.

    Steps to make Pre-K a reality 4-step process to making preschool opportunities avaiable

      • Step 1: To help meet the community need for more preschool, the Waynesville R-VI School District could potentially build a new elementary school on existing school district property near T Highway.
      • Step 2: Building a new elementary school would open space at East and Freedom for pre-K students. Pre-K students would attend East, Freedom and the new elementary school through 5th grade.
      • Step 3: Moving off-post Williams Early Childhood Center students to their home schools would open up space at Williams for more on-post Pre-K students.
      • Step 4: Moving 4-year-olds into preschool opens day care spots for more children, which allows parents to have more job opportunities.