• ID 11 & 12


    The focus of ID Language Arts is basic grammar, which includes communication skills in areas of oral & written language, and focusing on following directions. Students will also apply the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking individually in groups in order to solve simulated on-the-job tasks.


    This course is designed for students who require a modified and individualized approach to the district math curriculum. The area of instruction will be determined by the student’s ability level and individual needs. Emphasis will be on the functional everyday use of math skills.


    This course is designed to help students with vocabulary and scientific concepts encountered in everyday life. Students will also perform functional self-care activities to prepare for the transition to life after graduation from high school. 


    The focus of this course is Government. Students will be provided with a general understanding of the events that lead to the preparation of the United States and Missouri Constitutions. Students will discuss basic social studies concepts related to U. S. Government and Missouri Government, following directions, creating a basic plan for independent living, complete a personal information sheet to aid in filling out forms and demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of a work environment.

    CBI III & IV

    The focus of this course is preparing students for the world of work and life after graduation from High School. Students will create inventories, shop in area stores from a list they will generate, stock shelves, and enter the community in job-shadow environments. The students will receive job-related experience in area businesses over the course duration. Some other skills students will study are making change, creating a living budget, using a debit card, and filling out job-related forms, ex. Job applications, W-2 forms, bank register, and deposit slips.

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Last Modified on September 14, 2018