• Grading Scale:

    A     95-100                  C+   77-79                    D-    60-62                      

    A-    90-94                    C     73-76                    F     59 or Below

    B+   87-89                    C-    70-72

    B     83-86                    D+   67-69

    B-    80-82                    D     63-66

    Grading/ Re-Testing Policy for 2019-20 School Year

    50% of the semester grade comes from summative exams and/or summative projects.

    50% of the semester grade will be derived from homework, projects, quizzes, and formative assessments.

    All teachers will allow students to turn in work up to the summative exam.
    After the original due date, late work can only earn a max of ​70% credit.

    (All information regarding grading must be found on the collaborative syllabus) *No work may be turned in for credit after the summative exam.

    Allowing retesting on summative exams:
    1. All students may re-test 1 time per unit earning the higher of the two grades if:

    a. the student has turned in all missing assignments on the day of the retest
    b. attended at least one academic assistance/HERO Intervention
    c. students have 1 week after they receive their summative assessment score, to retest.

    2. Project-based classes may allow students to fix or re-do summative projects, if turned in on the due date.

    3. All re-take exams must be a different form of the original assessments.