• 1. All classes will utilize a grading scale of 60% Summative/ 40% Formative Assessments. Classes that are Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit (DC) will use a 70% Summative/30% Formative grading scale unless otherwise mandated by the university.



      Standards-Based Assignments May Include



      Tests, Projects, Lab Reports, Essays



      Quizzes, Exit Tickets, Classwork/Homework, Checks for Understanding, and Group Work


      2. Late work policy for the course in conjunction with the building late work policy. 


      3. Individual achievement of stated learning goals shall be the only basis for grades.

      A. Each assignment will be linked to a stated learning target entered in the assignment description in Tyler SIS/Canvas.

      B. Effort, participation, attitude, and other behaviors shall not be included in grades unless they are a stated part of a learning goal and scored via a rubric shared with the student. 

      C. Teachers shall discuss assessments and assignments with students at the beginning of instruction. An overview of each assignment will be available to parents/students to include evaluation and grading standards.


      4. Teachers shall provide proper feedback and record evidence of student achievement on an ongoing basis. Once assigned/given an assignment or assessment, it will be entered in Tyler SIS/Canvas. A reasonable date of return to students will be available to parents/students.


      5. Formative Work (Academic Practice)

      1. Formative work is an academic practice that is graded and should receive purposeful feedback.
      2. Formative assignments will be accepted for full credit until the date of the summative exam.

      3.     After the summative, if a student elects to re-assess, then they must turn in all formative work prior to the re-assessment and can earn up to 75% on that work until the re-assessment date.


      6. Retesting Procedure - It is the belief of the high school staff that students may have an opportunity to retake summative exams one time, if: 

      A. Students have turned in all assignments prior to the first summative exam, 

      B. Students have attended academic assistance activities such as Tiger Time, W.I.N., F.I.N.O., or

          1 on 1 with the teacher. 

      C. Students have 2 weeks after they receive their summative assessment score to retest.  

           (teacher assigns the re-test date)

      D. Summative projects, Lab Reports, and Essays may allow students to fix or re-do if turned in on the due date.  Students who do not submit/complete a summative assignment will be required to complete it.


      The students can earn up to 80% credit on the retaken summative.


      7. Absences shall be handled according to district policy. Please see the section related to absences. 


      8. Failing Grades

      A. Teachers will make every attempt possible to notify parents of any student whose grade drops to an F. 

      B. Students not reaching mastery expectations and/or incomplete assignments will be referred to the school intervention program, and building procedures will be followed. 

      C. Grade reports for all courses will be emailed to parents every six weeks. 

      D. Students failing a course may not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

      (Teacher discretion based on the individual student).


      9. Final Examinations -Final examinations are to be administered in all high school classes to every student, regardless of his/her grade, at the close of each semester.