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S2S Student Ambassadors

  • 2022-2023 WHS S2S Ambassadors

    • Fatima D
    • Elexsia T
    • Skye S
    • Isabela C
    • Chrystallyn W
    • Laylynn H
    • Madison K
    • Aaron L
    • Rikku C
    • Rebecca V
    • Rylie V
    • Daniel V
    • Kurt H
    • Isabella Y
    • Ciaera AK
    • Annalyse R
    • Mason D
    • Fatima A

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  • S2S Core Values

    Leadership - Student Character Growth

    • Being a role model
    • Changing the way students feel about the new student
    • Growing your S2S program for the future 

    Academics - Educational Adjustments

    • Encouraging education success
    • Informing them of unique aspects for the new school
    • Providing them resources

    Service - Community Outreach

    • Giving back to the school
    • Giving back to the community
    • Giving back to the world

    Finding the Way - Campus, Culture, and Community

    • Campus- helping the new students learn their way around the new school
    • Culture- The behaviors and beliefs characteristic that make your school unique
    • Community- The good your community has to offer

    Relationships - 100% Acceptance

    • Acceptance- Creating an environment where all are respected
    • Belonging- Helping the new student find a place where they fit and feel accepted
    • Connections- introducing the new student to others with like qualities, values, and interests
  • S2S Objective

    What is the Purpose of S2S?

    • To rapidly meet the transitioning students’ critical needs.
    • To quickly bring transitioning students necessary and relevant information from a credible, reliable source:  another student.
    • To immediately establish a peer relationship thereby helping students to gain greater confidence, enhance their comfort level and increase their well-being while they adjust to their new experiences.

    S2S Program Bottom Line Objective:

    To provide every transitioning student that “critical edge” for a successful transition.


    S2S Benefits

    How does S2S training benefit the transitioning student?

    • Provides immediate positive peer contacts and connections.
    • Presents valuable and credible transition information offered by peers.
    • Initiates relationships, builds trust, and fosters communication and mutual understanding with someone to whom students can relate.
    • Allows students to get comfortable with their new school and the community.
    • Allows students to get to their academic faster.
    • Promotes a feeling of being more a part of their school right away.
    • Helps them feel better about themselves.

    How does the S2S program benefit the student trainer?

    • Excellent leadership opportunities and experience in leading.
    • Personal and professional skills development in project management, problem solving, communication, and presentation skills.
    • Experience all aspects of training and being a trainer.
    • Being a part of a team and learning to cooperate as a team member.
    • Learning lessons in citizenship, helping others, making commitments and developing new relationships with people that they would not normally meet.
    • Building a great portfolio to use for college recommendations and for future resume material as life expanding lessons learned.