• Grading Policy

    Per WHS and district policy, each semester grade will be divided into two categories, each with a specific weight. The categories will be broken down as follows:

    1. Assessments (60% total)
      1. Projects, Assessments 
    2. Practice work (40% total)
      1. Performance, Written Assignments, Daily Work

    Percent Scale

    • 90-100% A
    • 80-89% B
    • 70-79% C
    • 60-69% D
    • Below 60% F

    Late Work Policy

    Late work will be accepted according to WHS policy and is defined as any assignment given to students to be taken out of the classroom to be completed. 

          The following credit will be given for late work: Students turning in work any time after the original due date will be eligible for 75% of the original points assigned. Late assignments must also be turned in before the current unit summative exam. After the unit summative exam late work may no longer be accepted for credit.