• Grading Scale:

    A     90-100                                     

    B     80-89              

    C     70-79

    D     60-69

    F       0-59


    Student Work Policy: In accordance with school policy results of quizzes, scoring guides, and post-tests will be recorded and found on ESchool. Pre-tests will be recorded but used only as a measure of prior knowledge and will not count as part of a students final grade. Assignments will be recorded but may not be a part of a students final grade. Assignments given in class will be utilized as practice and part of the learning process. On going progress monitoring will occur through self-reflection and from peer and teacher feedback. If a student does not show mastery of a content area skill, he/she will be able to retest. Retesting will occur within a week of the unit post-test. Students who have not completed all assignments for the unit will not be able to retest until all assignments have been completed and turned in.