MASKS - May be required in classrooms (we will follow the guidelines set by the Waynesville School District).

    Virtual Learning - If we have to move to online learning, classes will meet daily and all classes will follow their curriculum standards. 

    Snow Days  - All classes will meet virtually on the second consecutive snow day.


    1. Students will be allowed to have fun while working hard and learning in the process.
    2. During the first 2 minutes of class, the instructor will take attendance and students will utilize the time to gather the resources necessary for the class that day. The daily agenda for class and all required resources will be listed on the board daily. 
    3. Students are responsible for returning all items and textbooks to the proper/original location.
    4. When returning from an absence, students must provide an admit slip to the instructor. If the student does not present an admit slip to the instructor, the student will go to the office for an admit slip and will be considered tardy.
    5. Being prepared for class is the student’s responsibility, which included the class resources such as a writing utensil, paper, textbook, etc.
    6. To go anywhere outside of the classroom, a student must obtain the permission of the instructor; only one student at a time may be gone from the classroom for any reason. Whenever possible, the end of the class is the designated time for addressing student situations, questions, and necessary items.
    7. Seating arrangements will be made by the instructor and can be changed at the discretion of the instructor.
    8. Students will not utilize the computers without permission of the instructor. NO GAMES ARE TO BE PLAYED ON THE COMPUTER. Students will not change background, screen savers, or download software of any kind on the computers.
    9. Students will follow the rules of the WHS handbook – NO EXCEPTIONS.
    10. Students are required to treat their instructor, classmates, and other people with respect and courtesy.  This includes respecting the opinions and viewpoints of others and particularly the common courtesy of only one person speaking at a time. It will be required that you are listening and not talking while someone is speaking. It is also expected that students will provide positive feedback to any speaker/presenter.
    11. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Any student found to be cheating or plagiarizing material, or allowing someone else to use their work will receive an “F” for assignment and parents will be notified.