• Ride 360 App


    Have you ever wanted to know real-time information about your student's bus route? We have an app for that!

    If our buses are running more than 15 minutes late, we can send a message to our parents that are effected. This comes in the way of a notification from the app. 


    Simply go to your app store and look up Traversa Ride 360 app and download it!

    See our full how-to sheet>> Ride 360 Guide


    If you are wanting to use it through a browser click here >> Ride 360 Link


    You WILL need your student's ID number, which is a 6 digit number assigned to them when they are enrolled in the district. If you don't have this number, but have the Tyler SIS app, you can find their student number through there. If you dont have that, you can call the home school of your student and obtain it from there. 


    As well their student ID, you will also need your students last name and first name as entered into the school district. If you have any troubles linking your student to your account, please contact Transportation, where we can further assist you.