• Grading Composition for 7th Grade iLit


    Projects/Summative Assessments = 50%

    Formative Assessments/Classwork = 50%


    Grading Policy: 

    All classes with the exception of high school credit courses (Foreign Language, Algebra, and Geometry) will be weighted 50% for Summative Assessments (including summative projects) and 50% for Formative Assessments and practice work.  Late assignments will be graded and will receive up to 70% of the total points. Work turned in after the summative will allow students to retest but will still receive 0% credit. Practice work and homework are important to the success of students in the class and are meant to prepare students for assessments, not measure a student’s understanding of the standard.    100-90=A, 89-80=B, 79-70=C, 69-60=D, and 59 and below=F. Check Canvas every Tuesday for last week’s grades. 


    Study Skills is not a graded class.