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    Congratulations for selecting an outstanding school district! 

    When, Where, and How do I enroll my student?

         Option 1: Online. Enroll your child(ren) ONLINE any time.

                  Step-by-step instructions for online enrollment are here. 

                        You will need these documents to complete the online enrollment process.  

         Option 2: In Person:  New Student Enrollment in Person Aug. 5 & 6        

    For those unable to complete the process online, an in-person new student enrollment will be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 5, and Thursday, Aug. 6, at Waynesville High School, regardless of the child’s grade. Families are asked to wear masks and to observe distancing guidelines from other families and may be asked to wait in a waiting area to maintain social distancing.  Families who are completing the process in person on Aug. 5 and 6 should go to the main entrance at Waynesville High School. It is not necessary for the child to be present at the time of enrollment. For those who want to enroll in person after Aug. 5 & 6, please make an appointment with your child's school. 

                       You will need these documents to complete the online enrollment process.  


    Which school building will my child attend? 

    If you are enrolling after Aug. 6, you may enroll online or make an appointment to enroll your child at the school your child will attend. 

    Elementary students Students attend a building based on where they live. For elementary school attendance areas, please click here.

    6-12th grade students Students attend a building based on their grade level, regardless of where they live. Sixth grade students register at the Waynesville Sixth Grade Center; 7th and 8th grade students attend Waynesville Middle School; and all 9-12th grade students attend Waynesville High School.


    Other Forms and Documents 
    Military Dependent Form This form is to be used if your child does not meet Missouri age requirements for enrollment into kindergarten or first grade but has completed an accredited pre-k or kindergarten program in another state.  Forms must be sent to the Student Services Office for approval/denial prior to enrollment.

    Additional Links

    1. 2020-2021 Enrollment Information
    2. District Calendar 2020-21 School Year
    3. 2020-21 Immunization Requirements
    4. Instructional Services Info. Sheet
    5. Special Services Info. Sheet


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    When is the first day of school for the 2020-21 School Year? Aug. 24

    When is Online Enrollment? Always. It is continuous. 

    Where can I find out information about your plans for COVID-19? The main page of the website and on our coronavirus page.

    Is my child’s information secure? Yes. Users are required to enter a unique Parent Logon ID and Password in order to logon to the system, and the information is encrypted and delivered using the Secure Socket Layer connection.

    How do I get my Online Enrollment account?  Click on the link or call 573-842-2092. 

    I have more than one student in the District. Must I have multiple separate accounts? No, only one account is needed. 

    Where can I find the phone numbers for the schools?  Phone numbers for schools.