• Canvas  All Class Information can be found in Canvas.     One way to  access Canvas is by clicking the Waynesville EDU folder in your bookmark bar, then clicking Clever Portal, and finally clicking the link to Canvas.


    The homepage on our Canvas class has hyperlinks embedded:  

    bell schedule . Click on the clock to see the bell schedule.  This will help make sure you arrive to class on time.  Pay attention to what day it is as the bell schedule changes with the day. 

    modules . This is the Link you will use the most.  This will take you to the class materials.  Each unit is organized in a progression going from the lesson to the practice assignment directions to check point quizzes etc until we reach the end of the unit summative.   Periodically there may be a comprehension success lock on a page.  A comprehension success lock prevents a student from moving on to the next page until a minimum understanding score has been reached.  If a student struggles to unlock a page or gets locked out PLEASE attend AA. 

    Class link . Forgot how to access class.... click the text join class and find a link to class there.  You just have to remember what hour you are in and come during the set class time. 

    extra . This will take you to links to other items you might find helpful for more practice or tools.