• Every Student Succeeds Act

    Students in Foster Care


    The Every Child Suceeds Act includes provisions to ensure that students in Foster Care are not moved unnecessarily between schools or districts as they experience changes in placement.


    Below you will find links to the Waynesville R-Vi polciy for students in foster care as well as a copy of the dispute resolution process that will be used when there disgreements about the building or district placement. 


    Waynesville R-VI Foster Care Policy- Policy IGBE- Students in Foster Care


    Waynesville R-VI Foster Care Dispute Resolution Process- Students in Foster Care- Dispute Resolution Process


    If you have questions regarding the builing placement or ransportation for a student in foster care, the District Foster Care Liason can assist you.


    District Foster Care Liason


    Mrs. Tammy Headrick- Coordinator of Alternative Education, Transitional Living/Homeless Coordinator, & Foster Care Liason


    Phone Number: 573-842-2263


    Additional questions may be directed to the Office for Instructional Services.

    Dr. Trish Adkins- Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services

    Phone Number- 573-842-2050