• All Waynesville student-athletes are required to attend the Student-athlete meeting with their parent and/or guardian prior to participating in competions.  This is mandatory for 7th graders, 9th graders, and any student new to the district that is wanting to be involved in MSHSAA sponsored sports.  


    The purpose of this meeting is to outline the vision and mission of the Waynesville R-VI Athletic Program.  It is our belief that sports and activities is first and foremost an avenue for students to develop positive characteristics and habits that will help ensure their success in the real world.  Communicating expectations of all stakeholders (coaches, parents, students, and administration) and coming together to review those expectations is vital in creating a culture of success.  Everyone plays a role in that success.  By conducting a meeting we are able to show unity, develop proper and productive lines of communication, and hold students accountable in making the right choices to better themselves as future fathers, mothers, employees, and people. 


    Student-Athlete/Parent Video