• Virtual Learning

    The Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MOVIP) transitioned to the Missouri Course

    Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) as a result of updates to Section

    161.670, RSMo. Information about state funding for students enrolled in virtual

    education can be found in Section 162.1250, RSMo Section 162.1250, RSMo

    sets out the requirements for all virtual courses. Not all virtual

    courses are approved MOCAP courses. Courses listed on the MOCAP Course Catalog

    have been checked for compliance by the Department of Elementary and Secondary

    Education (DESE).


    The enrollment deadline for MOCAP courses for first semester of the 2019-2020

    school year closed on August 14, 2019. Requests for courses for 2nd semester will be accepted

    through November 15, 2019 for currently enrolled students. For students who

    enroll in the district after November 15, 2019, MOCAP requests will be accepted

    through December 13, 2019. 


    Application Form:  

    MOCAP Virtual Learning Enrollment Form 2019-2020

    Please visit the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

    MOCAP site for additional information. https://mocap.mo.gov/

    Waynesville R-VI students have the right to access virtual courses through MOCAP

    approved providers. For additional information on virtual course guidelines, please see Ploicy IGCD- Virtual Courses- Policy IGCD- Virtual Courses.


    Students must receive approval through the district prior to enrolling in MOCAP

    courses. Please contact Dr. Trish Adkins in the Instructional Services Office in order to

    begin the process to request to enroll in MOCAP courses. Instructional Services office573-842-2050.


    In order to be eligible to access school virtually through MOCAP the following

    requirements must be met:


    1- Students wishing to enroll in MOCAP must be enrolled as a full-time student in

    the Waynesville R-VI school district.

    2- The student must have been enrolled in school as a full-time student in a public

    school during the semester immediately prior to enrolling unless the student had

    a documented medical or psychological diagnosis that prevent the student from

    attending school in the community during the previous semester.

    3- Students enrolling in more than two MOCAP courses will develop an Individual

    Learning Plan in conjunction with the student’s school.

    4- High school students who wish to participate in athletics, activities and/or clubs

    may take a full-load of virtual courses. However, they would need to take the

    courses onsite in the High School Virtual Learning Lab; attendance is taken daily

    in the HS Virtual Learning Lab and all regular attendance policies apply. Students

    may also take a combination of traditional seated courses and MOCAP courses

    onsite. In addition to MOCAP approved courses, the district has partnered with

    several other online course providers to provide virtual learning opportunities for

    students during the course of the regular school day.

    5- Students in grades K-8 may access MOCAP courses. Courses taken virtually will

    be taken at home.

    6- The district does not supply computers and/or mobile devices for students to

    access virtual courses from home.


    Grading and Withdrawal Guidelines

    1- Students may enroll and withdraw from courses in accordance with district policy.

    High school students who withdraw from a MOCAP or other virtual course after

    the 10th day of the semester will receive an F for the course, just as they would in

    a traditional seated course.

    2- Students who receive a grade of D or F in a virtual course will transition to

    traditional seated courses the following semester.


    High School Virtual Learning Lab

    1- A virtual learning lab has been established at the high school. Students may

    request to take virtual courses during the school day and rather going to a

    traditional seated class they would report to the Virtual Learning Lab to complete

    virtual coursework. Attendance will be taken in the virtual lab. This option is

    helpful for students who cannot work all the classes they are trying to take into

    their schedule due to scheduling conflicts that can occur with some advanced

    and elective classes. Additionally, this option can give students access to

    courses that are not offered at the high school.

    2- Students will have the opportunity to request virtual courses during the regular

    courses request process.

    3- Students wishing to enroll in virtual courses during the regular school day will

    work directly through their counselor, a MOCAP application is not required.


    Appeal Procedure

    If the principal or designee determines that it is not in a student's best educational interest to take a virtual course, the student and the parents/guardians will be notified in writing, provided an explanation for the decision and informed that the student or parents/guardians may appeal the decision to the Board. However, if the student is receiving special education services, the student's IEP team will make the final decision regarding student enrollment in a virtual course in accordance with federal law, and the decision must be appealed through the special education process rather than through the Board.

    If the student or parent/guardian appeals to the Board, the principal or designee will provide the Board written reasons for denying the student's enrollment, and the student or parent/guardian will provide written reasons the student should be allowed to take the course. Both documents will be retained by the Board and will be incorporated into the minutes. In addition, the student, parents/guardians and the principal or designee will be allowed to present their arguments at a Board meeting.

    The appeal to the Board shall be held in closed session. The Board will consider the information presented and release a written decision within 30 calendar days of the meeting. The student or parents/guardians may appeal the decision to DESE. The appeal to DESE must be filed within seven days of the Board's final decision.