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  • Welcome to Waynesville Career Center. WCC provides quality career and technical education for the Waynesville/St. Robert/Ft. Leonard Wood area to high school students in grades 11 & 12 with some programs enrolling students in grades 9 & 10. High School enrollment consists of students from Waynesville High School as well as students from Crocker, Dixon, Iberia, Laquey, Newburg, Plato, Richland and Stoutland.

     WCC also accepts adult student enrollment. Please see Adult/Post-Secondary Admissions for more information. 

    District Vision
    Excel as a student-centered community of learners that embraces diversity, collaboration, and innovation. 

    District Mission
    Prepare and empower individual lifelong learners for opportunities as citizens and leaders.

    Waynesville Career Center Vision Statement
    Waynesville Career Center is committed to developing a diverse and skilled workforce of lifelong learners.

    Waynesville Career Center Mission Statement
    Waynesville Career Center provides a relevant learning environment using critical thinking, technology, and career skills to prepare students for success.

    The Council on Occupational Education
    7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325
    Atlanta, GA 30350 (1-800) 917-2081

    "The Waynesville Career Center is applying for reaffirmation of accreditation with the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.  Persons wishing to make comments should either write to the Executive Director of the Commission, Council on Occupational Education, 7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, Georgia 30350, or submit their comments through the Council’s website (www.council. org). Persons making comments must provide their names and mailing addresses."  

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  • DECA, FBLA & SkillsUSA all recently competed at their District level contests.




    DECA medalists at District competition are:  Anna Bartosh, Business Services Marketing – 1st Place; Elizabeth Betts, Food Marketing Series – 3rd Place; Tyr Britt, Principles of Finance – 1st Place; Lydia Choi, Independent Business Plan – 2nd Place; Maria Cichocki, Accounting Applications – 1st Place; Mallory Echelberry, Hotel and Lodging Management – 3rd Place; Nason Emerson, Business Services Marketing – 3rd Place; Anthony Esguerra, Food Marketing Series – 2nd Place; Tyrese Foster, Entrepreneurship Team Decision – 1st Place; Brielle Garcia, Principles of Hospitality and Tourism – 2nd Place; Emmarae Hahn, Independent Business Plan – 1st Place; Chris Johnson, Sports and Entertainment Marketing – 1st Place; Diana Maldonado, Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research – 1st Place; Sara Pollman, Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling – 1st Place; Alyssa Rees, Quick Serve Restaurant Management – 2nd Place; Cole Reilly, Integrated Marketing Campaign – 2nd Place; Jason Roberts, Entrepreneurship Team Decision – 1st Place; Jordan Ruffin, Principles of Marketing – 1st Place; Alana Thompson, Human Resources Management – 3rd Place.



    FBLA members pictured are front row, left to right: Kiley Werner, Lydia Choi, Cassandra Plummer, Allyssa Hillman and Maria Cichocki; back row, left to right: Kaleb Salinas, Victoria Pierce, Darian Washington and Tyler Newsom.




    2022 SkillsUSA District medalists are:

    Written Test: Commercial Baking Technical Info – Madeline Butler – 2nd Place; Computer Networking Technical Info – Tanner Uptegrove – 1st Place, Emmett Skinner – 2nd Place, Alexander Friend – 2nd Place, Dacoda Zamiska – 3rd Place; Cosmetology Technical Info – Briyonna Tyson – 1st Place, Laci Denham – 2nd Place, Autumn Cook – 3rd Place; Culinary Management Technical Info – Ryan Henderson – 1st Place, Alexis Shea – 2nd Place, Maxine Russell – 3rd Place; Diesel Equipment Technical Info – Jaydn Potts – 1st Place; Nurse Assisting Technical Info – Emily Zuber – 1st Place, Fernando Rodriguez Lopez – 1st Place; Restaurant Service Technical Info – Makayla Michels – 1st Place, Fiona Hill – 2nd Place; Screen Printing Technical Info – Mina Newsome – 1st Place, Kaylee Shelton – 2nd Place, Kiersten Tanner – 3rd Place; Television Production Technical Info – Triston Mentzer – 1st Place, Christopher Moore – 2nd Place, Arlyn O’Conner – 3rd Place.

    Skilled Contest:  Digital Cinema Production – Christopher Moore & Truman Trower – 1st Place, Damon Carter & Triston Mentzer – 2nd Place, Brennan Barber & Armonie Randolph – 3rd Place; Screen Printing – Savannah Blackburn – 1st Place, Kiersten Tanner – 3rd Place; Computer Programming – Emily Espe – 1st Place, Ashley Gross – 2nd Place, Adam Freed – 3rd Place; Internetworking – Shawn Mummert – 1st Place, Tanner Uptegrove – 2nd Place; First Aid / CPR – Haven Royal – 1st Place, Gabrielle Russell – 2nd Place, Emily Taylor – 3rd Place; HVACR – Ryan Taylor – 2nd Place; Commercial Baking – Madeline Butler – 1st Place; Customer Service – Lily Peace – 1st Place

    Leadership Contest: Prepared Speech – Truman Trower – 1st Place; Quiz Bowl – (Jozzalynn Duke, Matthew Harris, Connor Offut, Armonie Randolph, Collin Simental-Brummett, Camden Winterstein) – 1st Place; Quiz Bowl – (Hannah Crossland, Chance Eastman, Emily Espe, Isaiah Fajardo, Ella Mathis, Joseph White II) – 2nd Place; Pin Design – Brianna Mote – 2nd Place; T-Shirt Design – Mya Uptegrove – 1st Place

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