• Partners in Education (PIE) Mission

    Mission:  The Patnership in Education (PIE) sponsorship program creates a consistent, positive, reciprocal releationship between the military community and the area education facilities in order to nurture the intellecutal, emotional, social and physical growth of children and youth in the greater Fort Leonard Wood area.


    PIE Brackground

    PIE has often been thought to be part of the Adopt-a-School and tutoring programs, and historically has been the primary wayt hte military (especially units) supported schools.  The PIE concept has changed and represents a paradigm shift in teh way the military community will support schools to enhance the potential for academic success of military children/youth.



    PIE Unit

    PIE Unit

    Williams Early Childhood Center



    East Elementary

    31st EN BN

    43rd AG BN

    Freedom Elementary

    169th EN BN

    US Navy DET

    Partridge Elementary

    84th CM BN

    554th EN BN

    Thayer Elementary

    35th ENG BN

    2-48 IN BN

    Wood Elementary

    Air Force DET


    Waynesville Sixth Grade Center

    HHC, 14th MP BDE

    795th MP BN

    Waynesville Middle School


    701st MP BN

    Waynesville High School

    787th MP BN

    3-10 IN BN

    Waynesville Career Center

    787th MP BN

    3-10 IN BN

    Pick Educational & Volunteer Facility


    2-10 IN BN