• Building Volunteer Points Of Contact

    Building Points of Contact are the frontline staff who have been appointed to interact with volunteers at each building. Core duties of the building POCs include checking volunteer credentials, maintaining the volunteer activity postings for their schools, and generally facilitating the volunteer experience.


    School Points of Contact Contact Number
    Williams Early Childhood Center Shirley Megill  573-842-2650
    East Elementary Teondra Aycox 573-842-2150
    Freedom Elementary Jamie Starr/Stacey Nelson/Dailey Wise  573-842-2100
    Partridge Elementary Rosemarie Barrett  573-842-2600
    Thayer Elementary Monica Vega  573-842-2200
    Wood Elementary Amber Millsap  573-842-2625
    Waynesville Sixth Grade Center Tara Crabtree/Diana Harry  573-842-2300
    Waynesville Middle School Suzette Charfauros/Brian Vernon 573-842-2550
    Waynesville High School Rozenna Johnson  573-842-2400
    Waynesville Career Center Haley Ballard 573-842-2500