• Title 1 Preschool (PACE) is a federally funded program providing services to children ages three to five (non-kindergarten) years of age who are potty trained.  Services are provided at no cost to eligible children.  Eligibility is determined through a developmental screening process.   Our purpose is to overcome as many concerns as possible by involving children in developmentally appropriate activities, and to enhance and empower parents to better teach their children.

    PACE is a Title 1 Preschool offered by the Waynesville R-VI School District.

    Children receive three hours of classroom instruction in either morning or afternoon sessions, five days a week. (Monday - Friday)  Each classroom of 12-15 students is lead by a certified teacher and a para-professional.  This allows for each child to receive more individual instruction by the teachers.

    During the classroom sessions, children are encouraged to structure their own thinking and gain mastery over their environment by observing, questioning, problem solving, discovering, exploring, initiating activities, sharing experiences, and making choices.

    All our faculty are certified public school teachers, who hold teaching degrees in Early Childhood. 

    The program is free, parents are only responsible for transportation. 

    To be eligible children must have turned three years of age prior to August 1st, and be toilet trained.