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    Waynesville Middle School Departments, Office, and Support Staff


    (To view teachers by their teams, go to the 7th and 8th Team's Webpage)


    Waynesville Middle School offers a diverse curriculum. Our talented faculty strives to provide a quality educational opportunity that will prepare the students to be effective, self-confident, and responsible citizens in a changing world. To access your child's  teachers' webpages, please click on your the teacher tab at the top of this website to find information about course requirements, class assignments, student expectations, and other important information regarding your child's educational plan.  


    Building Administration and Office Staff 

    Michele Sumter-Principal through June 30, 2019, Brian Vernon, Principal beginning July 1, 2019, Robert Crabtree-Assistant Principal for 8th grade,  Jake Kloeppel assistant principal for 7th grade beginning July 1, 2019 



    Lacy Saunders- Guidance, Suzette Chaffarous-Office, Karrie Ellis-Library, Mairi Funk-SPED, Lawanna Rayford-Office, Sandy Rickert-Food Services,  Edna Roberts Main Office


    Melissa Harpell 


    Josh Alexander-SRO, Athena Dye-Process Coordinator, Neftali Perez-Counselor, Jonie Wilson-Counselor 


    Matthew Gibson 


    Communication Arts

     7th:  Cody Bansemer, Zoe Gorski, Wanetta Moyers, Rolynda Fitzsimmons-Reading

    8th:  Carol Jemes, Lashanda McCollister, Erin Morrow, Carrie Wolfe-Reading 


     Jena Hale 


    Alison Bowman


    Treslyn Pollreisz

     Fine Arts: Music and Art

     Art: Melissa Lynch

    Choir: Dustin Griffin

    Band: Todd Walker, 

    Foreign Languages 

    Kelly Gard, Laura Wiechert 


    Ryan Pimentel, Danielle Stevenson, Ryan Weber


    Ronald Benson

    District LEAP Center

    Gregory Ashby, 3-4

    Vicki Thomas, K-2

    Laura Storie, 5-6

    Joanna VanBelkum, Middle School and High School


    7th: Dusttie Beck, Rachel Rondon, Joel Wald

     8th: Erika Haley, Joe Kincaid, Cecilia Swain 

     Media and Technology

     Media Specialist: Mariann Amass

    Instructional Integration Specialist: Paul W. Niewald

    Physical Education

    Charlene Foote, Melanie Gettys, Tyler Shalbot, Logan Smith


    7th: Debra Cartagena-Calhoun, Norma Cottrell, Sarah Seibert

    8th: Shannon Alsayyed, CJ Dunkel, Kym McCall,

     Ana Lozano, Robotics

    Social Studies

    7th: Chad Bolin, Robert Hartley, Vanessa Whittle

    8th: Cody Allen, Haley Powers, Zachary Kosark

     Special Services

     Samantha Anthony, Science 8; Kathy Brown, 7-iLit Reading/ELA; Christine Bowman-7/8 Social Studies; Jessica Carrasco; Brett Crewse-7 Science; Candace Davis, 7/8 Science/Social Studies/Resource; Kelly Howley-ID, Kerri Howlett, 8-ELA; Dawn Woods



    Americorps/Club Tiger

    Jena Hale, Club Tiger Director

     Ernestine James


    Chritsy Adams, Rosanne Benzell, Charlotte Ray, Angela Garia-Roughley, Gina Ray, Carson Taylor, Karen Wilkerson


    Sue Beattie, Glen Chaffin, Dino Cole, Joe Dreadfulwater,  Joe Hensley, Craig Layman


    Laura Pitts - Kitchen Manager, Jodie Cruz, Jennifer Roberts, Heike Mandernach, Marissa Conley, Brittany Sheehan, Brittany Hill, Alexandria Smith, Pearl Basham, Linda Raines, and Sandra Rickert – Food Service Specialist