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Ms. Swain

WELCOME! to Ms. Swain's 8th grade Mathematics


Yes You CAN!!


Mathematics is one of the basic skills needed in life.

All students can learn the principles of mathematics.  

It may take more time, energy, work, and dedication to be successful.

Homework is the practice for concepts. 

A student's grade is determined by the grades earned from practice assignments, quizzes and assessments and projects.


Homework is very important!  

It is no different than practicing for a sporting event or a performance.

   However, the most important part of mathematics education is that the student understand the concepts and be able to perform the concepts in various real world applications. 

Students are required to achieve a minimum score of 70% on quizzes and tests.

For assessments, when a student does not make this mark, they are required to remediate.

                         To successfully remediate, the student is required to complete the inclass remediation work and take the reassessment on the scheduled date. 

                   Students earning above 70% will have an enrichment project that will be worth the same point value as the student remediation work packet. 


  ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE is offered on Monday afternoon from 2:45 to 3:45 pm.                


TECHNOLOGY USE IS ENCOURAGED....of course there is a time and a place!!

NOW, a little bit about Ms. Swain!
Ms. Swain came to Education as a second career!  She earned her business degree from Missouri State University and spent
25 years in various positions in the medical field, engineering and communications.
Ms. Swain decided to become part of the solution to the problems she experienced when potential employees could not fill out an
application for a job or the most basic of mathematic tests to qualify for positions.
Ms. Swain earned her Teacher Certification by completing the Post Baccalaureate program through Missouri State University.
Ms. Swain enjoys serving the Lord, living on her farm, gardening, reading and her involvement in various organizations.