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    B-2 = $8.5 million

    B-2 Heavily Impacted Aid brings $8.5 million in federal tax dollars back to our local community every single year. 

    B-2 benefits all students - both military and civilian. 

    95.13% vs. 95%

    To be eligible for B-2, a school district has to meet three criteria. Waynesville R-VI readily meets the first two, but barely qualifies for the third -- meeting the federal government's "reasonable" local tax levy requirement. The U.S. Department of Education defines "reasonable" as having a local tax levy that is within 95% of a comparable group of school districts. Using all qualifiers possible, Waynesville R-VI is at 95.13%. A 10-cent tax levy increase would keep the district eligible for B-2. Calculate my 10-cent tax levy increase.

    Return on investment

    one dollar bill  = $22

    For every $1 in new local tax revenue through the 10-cent tax levy increase, $22 in Federal B-2 Heavily Impacted Aid would be preserved.

    Area school tax levies

    Waynesville R-VI's total tax levy is among the lowest in the state because the district has NO bond debt!

    Q and AFrequently Asked Questions


    Per pupil expenditure


    Per pupil expenditure is below state average

    The Waynesville R-VI School District's per pupil expenditure is $1,432 less than the state average per pupil expenditure. The state's calculation of per pupil expenditure does not include capital projects, such as buildings.