K-5 Realignment at East and Freedom
    Why K-5 Schools?
    Students are the real winners!  Academic benefits of smaller houses (also known as schools within schools) are driving this move to realign both East and Freedom as K-5 buildings.
    Our slide show explains the house concept and outlines the many benefits of realignment, including the fact that there will be no more bus waves.
    K-5 Realignment   
    Which school will my child attend? 

    The proximity of the schools works well for K-5 reorganization with Freedom Elementary serving the city limits of St. Robert and Eastward; and East Elementary serving the city of Waynesville and Westward. 


    Assignment to East or Freedom will be based on boundary lines. East Elementary School boundaries will include all of Waynesville city limits and the area above the St. Robert city limits, from Y Highway moving Westward (everything above Zeigenbein Circle and outside of the St. Robert city limits).  Freedom Elementary School Boundaries will include all of St. Robert city limits, and the area from Y Highway moving Eastward (Zeigenbein Road and all adjoining roads that are in the city limits of St. Robert.) The boundaries are outlined on the map on the map below. Students will receive their house assignments in early August.  For a list of specific roads in the Zeigenbein Road area, please click here or on the map below. 

    Boundary map for East and Freedom
    Frequently Asked Questions about Transportation

                  1.  Will the K-5 realignment shorten my child’s bus ride time? 

    The K-5 realignment will eliminate the bus “waves” from East to Freedom, Freedom to East, which is projected to decrease overall route time by up to 30 minutes. How the realignment impacts your individual child will vary, depending upon where you live, but most children will experience a decrease in bus ride time.


          2.  Now that our school is closer to my home, can my child walk?

    There are no sidewalks that accommodate walking from East Elementary.  Walking may be an option for a few students who attend Freedom Elementary. The building administration will confer with the transportation department if a request to walk is received.


          3.  How will I be notified what bus my child rides?

    The procedure for bus assignment will not change. Each building will pass out the bus information and that information will be posted on the District website under the Transportation Department’s site.


          4.  Will the elimination of bus waves at East and Freedom provide any benefit to our older students (6th-12th students) who ride the A Routes?

    The transportation efficiencies will allow the District to run virtually the same services for A (6th-12th students) and B (K-5th students) routes. This will mean more stops in several of our subdivisions. 


         5.  Will transportation from Freedom Elementary and East Elementary continue to SAC on Fort Leonard Wood?

    Yes! The district will continue to provide transportation to School Age Care (SAC) for our parents working on post.    


    For More Information

     If you have additional questions about the K-5 Realignment issue, please email us at realignment@waynesville.k12.mo.us.