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  • WSGC Dress COde Dress Code page 2

    WSGC Dress Code

    Dress Code Guidelines - The Waynesville R-VI School District believes that a strong relationship exists between what a student wears and the attitude and behavior he/she displays. We ask all parents/guardians and students to understand that different modes of dress are appropriate for different activities and that not all modes are suitable for school or school activities. Below are guidelines for students and parents/guardians to help them avoid attire or grooming which interfere with the learning environment or constitute a threat to the health or safety of other students and staff. 

    Appearance - Students are encouraged to dress in a neat, attractive manner, reflecting pride in their appearance. If, in the opinion of the principal and staff, a child’s dress or hygiene is inappropriate, the parent/guardian will be notified. Hats should be removed when in the school building. Tennis shoes should be worn for P.E. Students should wear clothes and footwear that are safe and do not disturb or distract other students from learning. Clothing or other personal property that contains profanity, alcohol or tobacco advertising, weapons, symbols, logos, or items promoting antisocial associations will NOT be permitted. 

    Examples include but are not limited to the following: 

    ● Dress, personal appearance, and grooming must be clean and conform to appropriate health, safety, and sanitation standards. 

    ● Students may not wear headgear, jacket hoods, hair picks, bandanas, hats, caps, sweatbands, or sunglasses in the building. Hats must be left in the student’s locker, not carried. 

    ● Student’s tops, blouses, and shirts must have sleeves. No sleeveless tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops will be allowed. Mesh jerseys may only be worn over shirts. Both shoulders should be covered. "Capped" sleeves are acceptable. 

    ● Students may not wear mesh or see-through clothing; clothing that exposes the stomach, lower back, or cleavage. 

    ● Students will be permitted to wear shorts or skirts that reach their mid-thigh and remain there. 

    ● No holes in clothing, cut or torn which expose skin or undergarments above the knee are permitted. 

    ● Pants will be worn appropriately, not below the waistline. 

    ● Underwear/underpants may not be worn as outerwear or exposed to view. 

    ● Any attire or tattoos depicting or suggesting (including any innuendo alluding to) vulgarity; profanity; sexual matters; gang association or advertisement; violence, tobacco, alcohol, or drug use; or those which are ethnically derogatory are prohibited.

    ● Loungewear or pajamas, slippers including footwear, or blankets is not permitted. ● Gang-related colors, tags, symbols, or apparel is not permitted. 

    ● Jewelry or apparel that is considered disruptive, excessive, or possess a threat to the safety of the student or others (chains, wallet chains, extreme rings, spiked bracelets, sharp objects, etc.) is not permitted. 

    ● Face paintings, writing, or drawings on skin are not allowed in school. 

    ● Oversized coats must be kept in lockers during the school day. 

    ● No Backpacks will be carried. They must be put in a locker upon arrival to school. 

    Dress expectations can vary as appropriate to designated situations (PE, Sports performances, or competitions, etc.). 

    The administrator will determine whether clothing is inappropriate. Teachers are expected to refer students to the main office who are in violation of the dress code. The administrator may suspend any student whose dress is prohibited by this dress code. Administration may readmit students upon the correction of the problem. 

    Dress Code Guidelines

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