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  • Thursday, June 22, 2017


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    New students to the Waynesville R-VI School District may enroll online at https://www.waynesville.k12.mo.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=7016 or by clicking on the “Online Enrollment” link across the top of the district’s main webpage at www.waynesville.k12.mo.us.


    New students may pre-register for the 2017-18 school year by following the steps on the webpage.


    All children from the same family should register under one login account.


    This new online enrollment application saves time and paperwork, but it does not completely replace the need to go to the building to complete the registration process.  After completing the online enrolling application, the student’s birth certificate (kindergarten and 1st grade), immunization record and previous school records, along with all other required documents/records for enrollment, as stated on the District Enrollment Information Brochure, will need to be taken to the school by the parent/guardian to complete the enrollment process.  When you provide the needed documents to the school, make the school aware you have completed the enrollment application online.


    If your student is currently enrolled in the district and will be returning in the fall, your child will automatically be enrolled for the next school year.


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  • bookfair


    Come support the WSGC Book Fair!!

    May 8-May 19

    Open Daily from 7:00-3:00
    Open late on May 9 and May 11 until 7:00 p.m

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  • Recently the Waynesville High School FFA chapter donated plants grown by their greenhouse class to the Waynesville-Saint Robert Senior Citizen Center. These plants were donated as prizes for activities such as bingo, which are held at the center. The donations were picked up by officials of the Senior Citizen Center, including Robin Pirtle, and Judy and Bob Neff. As thanks to the chapter for donating to the Senior Citizen Center, the students received cookies from the center. The Waynesville FFA Chapter is highly involved in helping out the community whenever they get the chance. Helping out the community allows students to become more involved and realize how much their organization can help out the community. 

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  • Waynesville plans to be in school as of right now


    As of 3:45 p.m. today, Tuesday, May 2, 2017, the Waynesville R-VI School District plans to be in session tomorrow, Wednesday, May 3.  Please check Facebook and listen for a potential closing in the morning, should the last-minute need arise. 


    “Our goal is to be in school, if it is safe to do so,” said Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent. “We also recognize the devastating impact this flooding has had on some of our families. Our thoughts go out to our students and families who have lost their homes during the recent flooding, particularly to those in Devils Elbow who remain unable to return home.”


    Buses will be running most routes on Wednesday; however, the district will call those families who we are unable to reach due to flooding, road closings, road conditions and/or debris.

    Please note that road conditions may be subject to last-minute changes and that safety will be the first priority.


    Due to the district’s closure on May 1 and 2, the district will now be in session on Tuesday, May 30, and Wednesday, May 31.


    “While the extension of the school year is inconvenient, we expect students to be in school for these days,” Henry said. “Our parent surveys have indicated that the preservation of Spring Break is important and that parents prefer to extend the school year, so I hope that families will be in attendance on these dates, and any others that might occur between now and the end of the school year. There are important activities, including finals at the secondary level, that occur in the last week of school.”




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  • dresscode

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  • WSGC's Got Talent

    The Tiger Pride LEAD group will be holding the 2017 Talent Show.

    Auditions for the talent show will be held April 26-May 17.

    The talent show will be held on May 25th.




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  • Mixer

    The mixer will be the last day of school.

    The mixer is a Hawaiian luau themed.

    Concessions will be there for you to purchase snacks.

    This will be the last mixer for the school year, make it count, hope we see you there.


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  • Waynesville achieves record APR score of 97.5%



    The Waynesville R-VI School District achieved a record 97.5% on the State of Missouri’s Annual Performance Report – the highest in the school’s history and the fourth consecutive year of measured academic growth for the district’s students.

    “We are very, very proud of our students, teachers and administrators,” said Dr. LeRoy Fulmer, president of the Waynesville R-VI Board of Education.

    Waynesville’s APR score has increased 15.4% over the past four years – from 82.1% in 2013 to 92.9% in 2014 to 96.8% in 2015 to 97.5% in 2016.

    “As a board, we are extremely excited about the significant improvements that the district has achieved over the last few years and we know where the credit goes, it goes to our teachers and administrators for doing all the hard work it takes to prepare our students,” Fulmer said. “Scores don’t improve because you want them to improve; they improve because you work diligently every single day. These scores are indicative of a staff and of an administration that has a goal in mind and that goal is to have the best possible education for our students.”

    Waynesville’s combination of a diverse, high military student population with outstanding scores has garnered national attention.

    “Our recent gain is a reflection on the great staff we have in the Waynesville R-VI School District and the students we serve. In addition, this can’t be done without a supportive community,” said Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent. “Our success is truly defined by our mission of ‘educating individual students for 21st Century challenges.’ Our teachers have focused on taking individual students where they are and finding effective teaching strategies to get students where we want them to be. Our overall APR increases directly reflect the cumulative success of one student at a time making individual advances.” 

    With further military reductions potentially looming on the horizon, the record APR score’s timing is ideal.

    “Education is a top priority when the Army looks at where to put its resources,” Henry said. “With these scores and the upcoming building of a much-needed academic wing on our middle school, we will position our schools in the best possible light for any future rounds of BRAC (Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission).”

    Students are administered MAP and EOC tests each spring. Based on its student scores, a district receives a percentage of points in the state’s MSIP 5 accountability requirements, which include specific learning growth targets for students in these areas:

    Academic Achievement:  100%

    Subgroup Achievement:  82.1%

    College and Career Ready: 96.7%

    Attendance: 100%

    Graduation Rate: 100%

    The subgroup includes special education, low-income, minority groups and English Language Learners.

    “Subgroup achievement will continue to be a focus this year with an emphasis on the district’s top teachers sharing best practices for effective teaching and differentiation strategies,” said Dr. Trish Adkins, assistant superintendent of instructional services. “We are also implementing more problem-based learning activities that engage students in a higher level of thinking to better prepare them for the real world.”

    The Waynesville R-VI School District received all of the points possible in all four academic areas:  English language arts, math, social studies and science – based on individual students moving closer to the 2020 targets.

    “Our staff hears me say this all the time, but this is a great day to be a Tiger,” Henry said.  

    Waynesville’s 4-year graduation rate has increased to 93.9%. The state’s graduation rate is 88% and the national graduation rate is 83.2%.

    “The community is the real winner when a student graduates because it opens doors for a student to get a better paying job and to become a contributing member of society,” Henry said. “We could easily sit back and say a 94% graduation rate is good enough because it’s well above state and national standards, but instead we have opened an alternative school with a goal of helping even more students succeed.”   

    “That’s what makes Waynesville Schools unique,” Henry said. “In the end, it’s about providing the opportunity for an individual who may just need a little more help to succeed, and we want to be able to do that.”


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August 2, 2016


Dear Families of the Waynesville R-VI 6th Grade Center,


On behalf of the staff at the Waynesville 6th Grade Center, it is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to a new and exciting school year.


Let me also take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Marsha Smith, and I am honored to be serving as principal of the Waynesville 6th Grade Center for the fifth year. Prior to opening the 6th Grade Center in 2012, I taught fourth, fifth, and sixth grades and served as assistant principal of a K-2 building.  Working with sixth grade students has been a passion of mine for a very long time.  It is my belief that this age is a very pivotal one and one where great strides can be made to empower all students to reach their highest potential.  I have been married to Chuck for 42 years.  We have two grown children: Heather and Brad, and two grandsons: Zachary 15, and London 7. 


I realize that as a parent of a student who is transitioning to a new school setting, it is important to know where to get information necessary to help ensure a smooth beginning to the school year.  My goal is to aid in that process by providing the information below.


Your Child’s Teaching Team:


6th grade students ride the bus with the secondary students.  Transportation stops may be viewed on the district website: www.waynesville.k12.mo.us/Page/3170

The east (front) parking lot will serve as the drop-off and pick-up area for students who are transported by car.  Please do not drop off your child before 7:00 a.m. Buses will load and unload in the west (back) parking lot. 


6th grade students’ school day will be from 7:30 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. Breakfast (at no charge to the student) will be served each morning from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Students have two options for lunch: a hot lunch or a trip through the salad bar.  Either option is $1.95.  If your child qualifies for a reduced fee, it will be .40 cents. Students will be placed in homerooms and travel as a class throughout the day.  For the first time ever, our technology ratio is 2-1. 


In an effort to work toward our school’s mission of creating 21st Century Leaders, every student will be part of a student leadership group that focuses on running some part of the school.  All teachers will be using the PBL (Problem/Project Based Learning) model of instruction that allows students to learn the ELA, math, science, and social studies standards by solving real-world problems. This model of instruction is conducive to building life-long learners through the use of problem-solving, critical thinking, communicating effectively, and working collaboratively. Each student will work with a partner and be assigned a school laptop to use every day.  Most of the work will take place in the classroom; therefore, students will be assigned homework only on an individualized, as-needed basis when extra practice is needed for a basic skill or concept.


We are aware that the PBL model of instruction is different from what most of our students and parents have experienced in the past; however, the pilot we did, using this method, last year showed strong gains in reading, math, public speaking, and self-confidence. These are all skills that will help our students be competitive in a global market; therefore, this year all of our students will have the opportunity to benefit from this model of instruction.


The dress code for Waynesville 6th Grade Center mirrors that of Waynesville Middle School.  A copy of the dress code can be found in the Waynesville 6th Grade Center Handbook at https://www.waynesville.k12.mo.us/   


Meet the Teacher Night for the 6th Grade Center will be held on August 16, 2016 from 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.   The goal of this evening will be to provide necessary information to parents and students for a smooth transition into the new school setting.  The following activities will be included: informational sessions delivered by the principal for parents who did not attend the meeting in May and a scavenger hunt for the students to familiarize themselves with the staff and building.  The secretary, nurse, and process coordinator will be available to assist you with paying on lunch accounts, confirming or making transportation changes, dealing with medical conditions, or answering any other questions you might have regarding your child’s transition.


Again, I want to welcome you to what we hope will be a great school year.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me if I can assist you in any way.   I look forward to seeing each of you at Meet the Teacher Night, if not before.  Best wishes to you and your family.






Marsha Smith


810 Roosevelt Street

Waynesville, MO 65583