• Computer Hardware & Networking

    (Open to Grades 11, 12 & Adults) 

    Computer Hardware & Networking, covers the fundamentals of computer hardware and software as well as advanced concepts such as networking, security and the responsibilities of an IT professional.  Students who complete this course will understand the elements and functions of hardware devices, techniques used in PC repair, the use of software and an overview of operating systems, and how computers communicate and are grouped to form networks.  Students will also implement networking wiring infrastructure, network switching, Voice over IP, and server management.

    Students in Computer Hardware & Networking will:
    • Assemble and upgrade computers
    • Troubleshoot hardware issues
    • Troubleshoot software issues
    • Demonstrate preventive maintenance
    • Install a Windows Operating System
    • Describe network fundamentals
    • Wire a network infrastructure
    • Install and understand switching protocols
    • Install a voice over internet protocol system
    • Install and maintain a server