• August 18, 2021


    Dear Families,


    Welcome to Williams Early Childhood Center!  We are excited to enter this new school year.    Just like last year, we are ready for any challenges we may face and we look forward to providing a high-quality preschool experience for your child.  If you haven’t already, you will soon be receiving a letter or email from your child’s teacher giving you some information about the school year.  I wanted to pass along a few changes so you are prepared as we approach the first day of school.



    Families will use the car line when dropping off their children at school and again when picking them up at the end of the session.  If you prefer to walk your child to the sidewalk, where they will be met by a staff member, please park your vehicle in the large lot to the east of the building if you are in zone 1 (Leadstrom, Westphall, Sylvester, Kramer, Schneider, Rodriquez, Walters, Phinn, and Hendrix classes) or in the small lot in the back of the building if you are assigned to zone 2 (Brown, Carr, Smith, and Steward classes).  Parents are NOT allowed to walk their children into the building. Be assured that we have every staff member in our building on deck and ready to help your child arrive at their classroom safely. Each child will have a backpack tag with their teacher’s name and unique color that will help your child arrive safely to their classroom and back to you at the end of the class session.


    First Day of School Pictures

    First Day of School Pictures are important for many families.  We will have banners set up outside for you to take your child’s picture the first few days of school.  Many of our teachers take pictures of the students that first day in the classroom so you will have a memento of the first day. 


    Cleaning and Sanitization

    Cleaning and sanitizing efforts will continue this year.  Student health and safety is a priority for our staff!


    Entry into the Building

    If you need to gain access to Williams during the school day, you are required to wear a mask.  Please push the intercom button that is located to the left of the outside main doors.  This intercom will allow you to visit with someone in the office.  If you need to then enter the building, you will need to use hand sanitizer located by the door prior to entering. 


    Water Bottles

    Please send a water bottle with your child to school each day so that if they need a drink, they can safely have one.  Don’t worry if you forget one day!  We have some extras here at school that we will keep cleaned and sanitized for just such emergencies.




    If your child needs prescription or non-prescription medication left at school, you need to make an appointment with Nurse Jenna to drop off the medication and the required documentation.


    This school year is going to be full of opportunities! We will be sending out a link for you to sign up for Remind.  We push out a lot of information through Remind and this is an easy way for you to get information quickly.  Also, please be diligent about checking email as we will also send out information that way.


    Thank you.  We are looking forward to having the best school year ever!



    Dr. Molinda Mitchell, Ed.D.

    Principal, Williams Early Childhood Center