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  • February Student of the Month: Zachary Gorenflo

    February Student of the Month: Zachary Gorenflo

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  • Eighth Graders Invited to WHS  for Information Curriculum Fair
    Eighth graders – members of the Class of 2020 – and their parents are invited to Waynesville High School to learn more about freshman courses and the scheduling process on Tuesday, Feb. 23, in the WHS Auditorium.  A general presentation will be held from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and then at 7:30 p.m., students and their parents may attend the curriculum fair.  
     “We feel it is very important that students make quality course selections as freshmen to obtain a strong foundation for the rest of their high school careers,” says Theresa McNutt, WHS counselor. 
    The event helps prepare families to make decisions about the courses their student will take during the upcoming freshman enrollment.  In late February and early March, the freshman counselor will visit Waynesville Middle School, present the WHS curriculum and ask families to return the course preference sheets the next day. 
    “This is a pressure-free environment that allows families to ask questions, explore the many options available and to choose the path that best suits the student’s long-term goals,” McNutt says.  
    For further information, please call Theresa McNutt at 573-842-2400 ext. 2448 or email:
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  • 4th Annual Martin Luther King Service Learning Day, 1/14/2016

    WMDS students volunteer to make a difference:
    About 800 Waynesville Middle School students participated in a multitude of service learning and volunteer projects on Thursday to commemorate the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. 
    Students made:
    • homemade dog biscuits and toys for the Waynesville Animal Shelter
    • no-bake cookies for soldiers at the USO
    • valentine’s cards for soldiers
    • hand warmers
    • flash cards for students at Williams Early Childhood Center
    • homemade laundry soap for the Genesis House, Good Samaritan and Supporting All Lives Together (SALT)
    • homemade play dough 
    • blessing bags with necessities, such as shampoo
    • sugar scrub for the district’s nurses and cooks
    • stress balls
    • thank you cards for soldiers
    This is the fifth consecutive year that the Waynesville AmeriCorps VISTA has held a Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service event at Waynesville Middle School. Lead organizers Cheryl Bohannan and Nadine Albrecht are grateful for the community members who assisted, including soldiers from the Military Police Advanced Leaders Course, Noncommissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) and Bravo Company, 701st MP Battalion.
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  • January Love of Reading Day: "Read and Feed"

    Waynesville Middle School hosted their monthly Love of Reading Day. This month's theme was "Read and Feed Day" Students ate snacks while reading their favorite books. Please view the slideshow of photos at the bottom of the page

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  • January Student of the Month: Kyrien Edwards

    Kyrien Edwards

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  • WMDS Students Build Windmills to Learn How Gears Work
        Students in Stacy Blakley’s Project Lead The Way automation and robotics class are using VEX robotic parts to learn about how gears work. The Waynesville Middle School students work in small groups to build windmills with a 90-degree change in power with a 1:1 gear ratio. They are then challenged to innovate and build windmills that result in a 1:2 gear ratio. 
        When students complete the windmill challenge, they move on to creating a pull toy. The toy must have movement that is the direct result of the turning of the wheels such as a ‘tail wag’ or a ‘head bob.’ Examples of the gears that they build from parts are cam and follower, crank and slider, bevel and universal joint. 
        In addition to learning about gears, students learn the importance of effective communication within their team and how to work together. The projects challenge both their knowledge and creativity.  
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    WMDS Students Propose ‘Green’ Ideas for School

    WMDS Student Propose Green School









    Green Bld



    Green 2

    In addition to orange and black, some Waynesville Middle School students want their school to go green – that is, to use environmentally responsible and resource-efficient materials – when the school’s major renovation occurs.

    A four-phase remodel of WMDS is being considered by the Waynesville R-VI Board of Education. The current proposal would preserve the school’s newest additions and upgrades, including both gyms, but eventually demolish the oldest parts of the

    structure dating to the late 1950s.

    That’s where the students in Tammy Davison’s Project Lead the Way

    (PLTW) class enter the picture. Rather than working on a textbook project, students in Davison’s PLTW energy and environment class tackled the real- world 21st Century issues facing their own school.

    “The level of student engagement escalates when students work on something that they can relate to,” Davison says. “Beyond this being a project about their school,

    Dr. Berger’s participation made it an especially powerful lesson. When the assistant superintendent comes to their classroom, sits through presentations and asks questions, students know they are being taken seriously.”

    At the start of the semester, Dr. Chris Berger, assistant superintendent of 

    operational services for the Waynesville R-VI School District, presented information about proposed renovation concepts for the new middle school.
    The students then divided into teams to learn about building green and how to apply the concepts to a real-world situation – their school.

    Students researched the best products for their green ideas and created a cost analysis of implementing them into the new middle school. The students also created Power Points, display boards and 3D models to help aide in their final presentations to Berger.

    Their proposals included using outdoor classrooms to help conserve energy, power saving light sensors, programmable outlets to turn off forgotten plugged- in items, choices of fruit to reduce cafeteria waste, permeable pavement to expedite rain water drainage and reduce flooding and energy efficient windows to cut down on the need for electricity.

    “The students were very thorough and professional. A couple of times I had to remind myself that these were middle school students making these presentations,” Berger says. “Mrs. Davison’s students took this project seriously and delivered ideas that were well researched. Perhaps the most important lesson of all was the cost associated with certain projects. Students learned that while some ideas are ‘cool,’ they simply cost too much to implement, but that others are very doable.”

    Berger will share their findings with the architect and Davison will provide a new class of students the same opportunity during the second semester.





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  • Middle School Staff Receives Praise
     Praise praise
    Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent, praised Waynesville Middle School staff in December during their Super Session fr: 
        –  20% of WMDS students being enrolled in high school level courses and 28% being on honor roll    
        –  a 50% reduction in discipline from 2014 to 2015 and a 26% reduction in discipline so far this year
       –   being engaged in community outreach, including visiting the Waynesville-St. Robert Senior Citizens Center, helping raise funds for Snack in a Pack, participating in a Breast Cancer Awareness Drive and leading a Convoy of Hope toothpaste drive
        –  all core subjects having revised Power Standards
        –  hosting a college fair that introduced 835 students to college and career readiness information
        –  average daily attendance of 96%   
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  • School Sports
    To access information about school sports, please click on the tennis shoe at the top of any district building webpage or click on this link: Athletics 
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  • 2015-16 School Year Calendar
    2015-16 School Year Calendar.  Please note that a separate calendar for individual events at this school appears under the Calendar Tab toward the top right of this page. 
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  • PowerSchool Tutorial for Parents/Students
     A PowerSchool tutorial for parents/students is now available online. Please click on the link in the QuickLinks on the right side of the middle school main page. 
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