• Thursday, October 27, 2016


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  • Scary Play “The Uninvited” Debuts Just in Time for Halloween


    By Baili Holt

    WHS student


    unin Are haunted places and houses your thing? What about scary movies? If so, then you might enjoy this fall's Waynesville High School production of “The Uninvited.”


    The play is scheduled to show from Oct. 27 to Oct. 30, which puts this thriller in the same time frame as Halloween.


    The original “The Uninvited” is set in the 1940’s where a brother and sister buy a house that is, of course, haunted by not just one spirit, but two. It’s figuring out which one is the evil spirit and which one is not that leads to the final showdown.


    Waynesville’s setting will be a little more modern to help with the costuming.


    “Now, we’re probably not going to set it in the 1940s just because it doesn’t offer as much costume-wise and I want to give my students an opportunity to really choose what they want to do,” says Charles Davis, the high school’s drama teacher.


    unin2 Aiden Richardson, the female lead of the production, says that this play is very tech heavy.


    “I’m mostly excited for the special effects that are involved, like lighting and things being moved throughout the stage, like a ghost moving things,: Richardson says. “I’ve never been in a show that has been like that, so it’s really interesting.”


    Performances will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, Friday, Oct. 28, and Saturday, Oct. 29. The Sunday matinee will begin at 2:30 p.m. Oct. 30. All performances will be in the WHS Auditorium.


    Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for students, and $3 for senior citizens and children under 5 years of age. Senior citizens who have a Waynesville R-VI Senior Citizens Athletic Pass will be admitted free.


    Photos by WHS students



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  • Waynesville JROTC takes 1st at Leavenworth 


    After a rough weekend at Smith Cotton a few weeks ago, the Waynesville JROTC Raider Team, led by E.J Warren, Maddy McDonald, Mason Michels and Stephanie Trudell, regrouped and won decisively Oct. 15 at Leavenworth, Kan., in a field of 20 teams.


    There are the results:

    1st Place - Overall!

    1st Place - Army Physical Fitness Test
    1st Place - Iron Man
    1st Place - Cross Country Litter Carry
    2nd Place - 10k Road March (Run)
    2nd Place - Gauntlet
    3rd Place 1 - Rope Bridge


    Stephanie Trudell - 1st Place, Ultimate Raider, Female

    Chris Alvarez - 2nd Place, Ultimate Raider, Male

    Maddy McDonald - 1st Place, Female AFPT (371)

    Stephanie Trudell - 2nd Place, Female APFT (353)

    Caroline Pack - 3rd Place, Female APFT, (329) (This was her first Raider meet.)


    “I am particularly proud of our team captains and assistants – E.J. Warren, Maddy McDonald, Mason Michels and Stephanie Trudell – for leading with heart, determination, compassion and by personal example,” said Col. (R) Charles Willliams, JROTC senior Army instructor. “Cadets Askins, Alvarez, Fry and Byrom are also all key leaders and returning competitors on our teams who make this all work. I am also very proud of our newest Raiders – Cadets Sean Wilson, Brianna Citron, Caroline Pack, Damien DeBerry, Cameron Scott, Braden Dever, Donavan Dunaway, Matthew Jones and Brian Rodger for (A) stepping up and trying this extremely demanding sport, and (B) for sticking with this.”


    Next up is Waynesville/Fort Leonard Wood on Oct 22 with 25 teams attending.


    Then, U.S. Army Raider Nationals will be held Nov. 3-6.



    JROTC hauls home a long line of trophies. 


    JROTC Raiders take 1st place at Leavenworth meet. 


    Kai Byrom accepts one of the awards the Raiders won during the meet.  



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  • Wilson Named Volunteer of the Year


    The USTA (United States Tennis Association) Missouri Valley Missouri District’s Awards Committee has named Waynesville’s Head Tennis Coach Kayla Wilson as the 2016 Female Volunteer of the Year.


    The Missouri Valley District thanked Wilson for her service to help grow the game of tennis. She received the award for volunteering to help with various events such as Youth Progression Tournaments, as well as running programs to increase participation and provide play opportunities in the Waynesville R-VI community. Last year, she was named the high school Coach of the Year by Missouri Valley. 


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  • choir performances


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  • The Waynesville High School choir performed a concert on Sunday, Oct. 16, at WHS. 



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  • Parking Lot Renovation

    By Hannah Bailey

    WHS student


    Everything gets worn down eventually, including parking lots. The Waynesville High School parking lot has never been repaved and it shows in many places.

    The parking lot asphalt was “starting to fail in many areas,” according to Chris Berger, assistant superintendent of operational services.

    Cracks and holes littered the lot. In some areas, the cracks could swallow a person’s heel.  

    Most of the lot is being redone, except for the 9th grade center’s section because it is less than five years old. “Instead, it is only being sealed and re-striped as it is newer and in much better condition,” says Berger.

    Willard Asphalt continues to finish working on the project and has been working on days that students are not present to minimize interruption of daily activities. If weather delays occur, then Willard might have to ask students to park in a different location for the work to be completed.

    Willard’s work includes grinding up the high school parking lot, digging out chunks, and repaving it all. Since the 9th Grade Center is just getting a touch up, Willard will focus on the rest of the lot.

    Berger and Kevin Pritchard, director of operations, decided it was time to repair and repave the lot and give it a fresher look. The two bidders were Melrose Quarry & Asphalt ($405,500.00) and Willard Asphalt ($285,525.00).


    pl1     pl2

    These photos show the parking lot's condition before the work began. 


    The overview photo shows the lot nearest the 9th Grade Center that was just resealed and re-striped. 


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  • The Formation for the Waynesville JROTC's award-winning Tiger Battalion was held Oct. 12 in the Waynesville High School gym. 




    Command Sergeant Major Roy Ward, Commandant Sergeant Major, Fort Leonard Wood, served as the keynote speaker for the event. He is pictured with his son, Christian, a member of the Waynesville JROTC Tiger Battalion, and Col. (R) Charles Williams, senior Army instructor. 


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  • Homecoming Queen

    Senior Mollie Henry was named the 2016 Waynesville High School Homecoming queen on Friday, Oct. 7. The senior attendants were Madison Davis, Daysamarie Rosario and Krystina Zabek. The junior attendant was Michela Bibb; the sophomore attendant was Victoria Perry and the freshman attendance was Angelica Ramos.


    Mollie Henry is congratulated and crowned by 2015 Homecoming Queen Halle Craven, who is attending Missouri State University where she is majoring in nursing.  



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  • WHS band wins Sweepstakes Award


    band2 The Waynesville High School Tiger Pride Marching Band received the Sweepstakes Award for having the highest point total at the Central Methodist University Band Competition on Saturday, Oct. 8.  The band took first place in Class 5 parade competition and placed third in the field show competition.

    The competition began on Saturday with a parade in the morning featuring 47 high school bands. At 6:45 p.m. that evening, they presented their field show. The field show is called “The Gift” and features original music by Jason Lord. The show is comprised of military reflections, beginning with training and comradery, moving through glimpses of deployment and a memorial of our national heroes at Arlington National Cemetery.  

    The show concludes with a salute to each branch of the military.

    The show resonates with Waynesville’s students – 60 percent of whom are direct military dependents and 76% are military connected.

    In addition to the competition, the band’s busy weekend included a pep assembly on Friday, the parade Friday afternoon and the field show during half time of the WHS varsity football game.



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    Tiger Pride System


    TigerHead The Tiger Pride System (TPS) aims to reward effort and achievement by offering various privileges to students who maintain a high standard of academics, citizenship, and attendance.  The TPS incentive program is an integral part to the daily school operations and a major motivator for students to put an emphasis on their attendance and GPA.  The program utilizes these qualifications to provide the best learning environment for all students at WHS.



    The purpose of the card program is to proactively incentivize students with relevant privileges that are meaningful to them, such as travel to privilege areas during Tiger Time and the ability to leave for lunch a couple of minutes early to beat the rush.  This program was first developed during the 2015-16 school year and revised with input from faculty and student groups to best meet the needs of our students for the 2016-17 school year. We will continue to monitor and update the system as needed, so the system remains relative and motivating to all students.


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  • Paying for your child's school meals


    The Waynesville R-VI School District now offers MySchoolBucks, a convenient online service that allows you to securely pay for your student’s meals online using your credit/debit card or electronic check.


    You can:

        - Set Up Automatic Recurring Payments

        - Track & Review Meal History

        - Create Low Balance Alerts

        - Make Payments with the Mobile App

        - And More…


    Sign up now! Registering for your account is easy, go to Create a secure account and never worry again about sending cash or checks with your student(s) to school again!

    MySchoolBucks – the Waynesville R-VI School District’s new online meal payment system – is free to use to look up a student’s balances/transaction history/etc.; however, a $2 payment processing fee is charged for making an online payment with MySchoolBucks. 


    In the former system, a .29 cents fee plus 2.9% of the amount of the transaction was charged.  MySchoolBucks charges a flat $2.00 fee, regardless of the amount. Parents may avoid paying the fee by sending in a check to their student’s school.


    Debit and credit card companies charge a payment processing fee for payments made online, but many businesses absorb that cost. Waynesville R-VI serves about 1 million meals annually and spends about $1 million more than it receives in income from students and commodities without the additional payment processing fee.


  | (855) 832-5226





    Have a smartphone? Get the MySchoolBucks Mobile App:


    iOS (iPhone) -


    Android -



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Welcome to Waynesville High School, a proud member of the Waynesville R-VI School District serving the communities of Waynesville, St. Robert and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  WHS is the first in Missouri to implement a college readiness program from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), thanks to a $300,000 grant from the Department of Defense Educational Authority (DoDEA). NMSI is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 to help improve education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.