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  • WHS Students Turn Physics into Fun and Games

        Turning a tough subject into a game – complete with a fort and targets – encourages students to stay focused through multiple steps and formulas so they can be competitive when the games begin, says Nick Parmley, Waynesville High School physics teacher.
        As the students launched marbles at a cardboard fort with plastic soldiers sitting on bull’s eye targets in the WHS cafeteria, their measurements, predictions, math and calculations all came into play.
        “Students entered with their cheat sheets and battle plans so they could improve their chances of winning,” Parmley says. “Their calculations showed them how fast the marble would launch and how far it would go at a certain angle.”
        Seeing the lesson on paper, Parmley admits, does not look like a lot of fun. The standard itself sounds complex: calculate displacement, velocity and time at various points in the motion of an object moving simultaneously in two directions.
        But by breaking the standard down and having students measure the speed of marbles coming out of the launchers, test the marbles at different angles, and calculate distance, Parmley taught students that physics can be fun.
        Although it’s his first year at Waynesville High School, Parmley says this is one lesson that will be repeated for future students.   
        “Students learned how displacement, velocity and time are used in the real world,” Parmley says. “They learned how to apply the hard math and see how to use it, but most importantly it was fun.”

    Physics 1

    Physics 2    Physics 3

    Physics 4    Physics 5

    Physics 7


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  • Tiger Band Competition

    The WHS Marching Band competed on September 26 in the Sullivan Marching Festival.  The competition began at 10:00 with a parade competition.  WHS won second place in the Gold Division.  The WHS Drum Majors were recognized as the best drum majors in their division in the parade competition.  They competed in the field competition in the afternoon and again won second place in the Gold Division.  In the field competition, the Drum Majors and Percussion were recognized as the best in their division.  The top eight bands from all divisions competed in the evening finals competition.  In this competition, they placed fourth.  Congratulations to all the members and their directors.  They will be competing in the Washington Marching Festival this coming Saturday.

    The WHS Marching Band competed in the Washington Marching Festival on October 2.  They received second place in their division in the parade competition.  (Of the 22 bands in the parade competition their score was the second highest.)  The band are received the "Outstanding Marching" caption award in the parade competition.  In the Preliminary Field Competition, the band placed fourth in their class.  We were recognized with the "Outstanding Percussion" caption in the Preliminary Field Competition.  In the Finals Field Competition, the band again received fourth place.
    The final competition for the WHS Marching Band will be Oct. 17 at Imperial.



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  • Homecoming Court 2015

    Homecoming Court 2015


    The Homecoming Court for 2015 has been announced and its members are Afatia Poinsette, freshman; Halle Craven, senior; Mary Gail DuBose, senior; Alexis Willingham, senior; Alyssa Parker, senior; Judy Swink, junior, and Ebony Sago, sophomore. Coronation will be held at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 2, before the Homecoming football game.  



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  • AP students recognized for success

        Waynesville High School students who scored a 3 or better on certain AP college-level exams were recognized on Friday, Sept. 11, before the varsity football game.
        65 students achieved the score of 3 or better on a total of 98 exams. Thanks to the dedication of their hard-working AP teachers and the commitment from the students, Waynesville High School students received a collective total of nearly $10,000.  
         “Our teachers and students are setting an example of what high expectations and rigor can do to prepare students for college and career readiness,” says Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent.
        Each student received a certificate and check for $100 for achieving a score of 3 or higher on the following AP exams:  Language Arts, Literature, Environmental Science, Chemistry, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Statistics and Computer Science. The funds were made available through a college and career readiness program from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), thanks to a grant from the Department of Defense Educational Authority (DoDEA).
        Waynesville is the first in the State of Missouri to implement this program.
        In recognition of the statewide significance of the grant and its connection to the Department of Defense, State Representative Steve Lynch and State Representative Diane Franklin congratulated the students, along with General Kevin Vereen, the U.S. Army Military Police School commandant. In addition, Marcus Lingenfelter, the executive director of state relations at National Math and Science Initiative and Henry congratulated each student.  WHS’s group included:
        • 14 AP Scholars ( who scored a 3 or higher on 3 or more exams)
        • 6 AP Scholars with Honors (who scored a 3 or higher on 4 or more exams)
        • 7 AP Scholars with Distinctions (who scored 3 or higher on 5 or more exams)
        • One National AP Scholar, Savannah Blau, who took 8 exams and scored a 5 on each one

    The students who earned a 3 or better on the AP tests named above are:


    Rowen Alexander  Ethan  Dietz  Noah  Madison
     Randi Anderlik  Nya  Dorsey  Jakob  Miller
     Emily Anderson  William Fitch  Niya  Moon
     Rebecca Bain  Safiyyah  Foster  Alexander  Munoz
     Isaiah Ball  Caitlyn  Fox   Michael O'Donnell
     Christine  Barrett  Tristan  Gallego   Mikaela O’Barr
     Matthew Beckel  Alexis Gaono  Ariel  Okorie
     Savannah  Blau  Jack  Goodin  Mark   Ortiz
     Kelsey Blink   Jackson  Haedt  Tommica Pope
     Brianna  Bolin   Mark  Handley  Tiana Proctor
     Ashley  Boone  Salenna  Hedgepath  Haley  Reckard
     Melissa  Brown  Philip   Holmes  Kyle   Roberts
     Elora Nica Burch  Brent  Hudson  Sophia  Rodriguez
     Ariel Clement  Aleshia  Jester  Sarah  Snyder
     James Congdon  Candra  Johnson  Mary  Spindler
     Darien Crum  Hunter Kramer  Resha   Swanson
     Shelby Daly  Lindsey  Kramer  Kristen   Thiemann
     Shawn Darrington  Andrea Landreth  Jennifer  Trigg
     Robert   Dascanio  Sheyenne  Lanning  Tremayne  Watterson
     Dequawn  Deberry  Madison  Lewis  Brianna  Williams
     Javier   Diaz  Patrick  Lucitt  Taylor  Wright
        David  Lund  


    AP Dig

    Left, Marcus Lingenfelter, Brig. Gen. Kevin Vereen, Dr. Brian Henry, and State Representatives Diane Franklin and Steve Lynch lead applause for the students.

    AP DIg 2

    Students were each congratulated with a handshake.  

    Ap Dig Students
    AP students were recognized on the track at Tiger Stadium prior to the football game on Sept. 11.


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  • Waynesville High School Softball Team

    Softball Firefighters

    Members of the Waynesville High School Softball Team wore red, white and blue in honor of Patriot Day and greeted firefighters who raised the American flag at WHS this morning.



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  • WHS College and Career Night

    More than 425 parents and students attended the Sept. 9 College and Career Night held at Waynesville High School. 74 representatives from colleges, universities, technical schools, military and other organizations talked with students and parents about programs, financial aid, entrance requirements and other pertinent information. More than 60 individuals attended the Parent to Parent’s workshop on the college application process prior to the event.

    College Night 1

    College Night 2   College Night 3

    College Night 4

    College Night 5    College Night 7

    College Night 8





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  • WHS Band Performs at I-44 Speedway

    Band I-44 Speedway 1

    Band I-44 Speedway 2   Band I-44 Speedway 3

    Members of the Waynesville High School band perform during intermission at the Lebanon I-44 Speedway Saturday night during the Waynesville Tiger Night at the Races to benefit Waynesville's Snack in a Pack program. The program provides meals for more than 300 students during weekends and holidays.



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  • Friday Night Football

    Cedric 1

    Cedric 2

    Cedric Williams crosses into the end zone before the Parkview defender can stop him.   


    There's nothing like a touchdown for Seth Hedrick and Dwayne Morton.


    Hedrick 1

    Herdrick 2

    Hedrick 3

    Seth Hedrick makes a quick run to receive the pass, coming in with so much speed that he catches the ball and comes down with it.   


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  • Brig. Gen. Kevin Vereen recieves Tiger Coin

    Vereen Tiger Coin

    Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent, presents the official Waynesville Tiger coin to Brig. Gen. Kevin Vereen before the start of the Sept. 11 Tigers versus Parkview game.  Vereen is only the fifth person to ever be presented with a Waynesville coin. 


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  • Future Cheerleaders

    Future Cheerleaders performed during halftime of the Wayneville versus Parkview game.  The youngsters worked hard to learn cheers, chants and a dance routine under the direction of Waynesville High School cheerleaders.

    Future Cheerleaders 1

    Future Cheerleaders 2



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  • Tuesday, October 13, 2015



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  • Student Learning Plans and Privilege System

    Parents and Guardians,

    In an effort to increase learning, develop responsibility, and reward positive behaviors we will be incorporating Student Learning Plans as well as a Privilege System at the high school in the 2015-2016 school year.  The Student Learning Plans are to increase communication between students, teachers, and parents in creating a plan of action for struggling students.  Starting September 8th, any student who falls below a 65% will be placed on a SLP.  Student Learning Plans will be created and monitored for improvement every two weeks.  

    ​In addition, we will be running a privilege system to reward positive behaviors at the end of the first six week grading period. You may view an example of a SLP as well as the qualifications and privileges in the attachments above.  Please feel free contact us at the high school with any questions.

    We look forward to working together and developing relationships to help our students become successful!

    Privilege Card Qualifications

    Student Interventions

    Student Learning Conference



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Welcome to Waynesville High School, a proud member of the Waynesville R-VI School District serving the communities of Waynesville, St. Robert and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  WHS is the first in Missouri to implement a college readiness program from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), thanks to a $300,000 grant from the Department of Defense Educational Authority (DoDEA). NMSI is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 to help improve education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.